About us

Short description

Project Rogami Educational: a repository for educational paper-craft models, that are in “Do it Yourself (DIY)” category.

Purpose: learning through play

Our paper-models are original (we design them) and their purpose is mainly educational: harmonious development of the following abilities (skills):

-1) time management (the ability to plan several steps in succession)
- 2) keep an eye on the end-goal (working with a purpose)
- 3) attention to details (otherwise the end result will not be neat)
- 4) geometric thinking (while playing - folding a 2D plane in a spatial 3D object)
- 5) ability to recover from own mistakes (resilience)
- 6) dexterity (deftness)

Our paper-craft models are not Origami (japanese paper-folding art) but they borrow a lot of principles from it. Models from Rogami are designed to be downloaded, printed at home, cut, colored, folded and glued in a final form. For certain steps an adult supervision is required.

What is the meaning of “Rogami” name?

It is a word play of these words:
- Origami, as a nod to awesome Japanese paper-folding masters
- Ro, from Romanian (we were inspired by the wonderful traditional Romanian wood joinery, wood crafting and wood gluing)
- Gaming: we play with our models; also we borrowed from the computer gaming technology advanced software algorithms to design, preview and test our models

Management and financing

The Rogami Educational project is privately owned and works for now mainly through donations. It does not work through participating in internet advertising (we are not using ad-trackers and ad-related cookies).

The financing is minimal and the purpose is the payment for the digital shared storage of the design files and payment of webhosting. We rely on donations, small purchases that you might make on our online shop and on partnership with publishing houses. More details here.


You can contact us via email:
contact [at] rogami.ro

or via our Contact form: