Return and Refund Policy

Last updated: november 2021

Didn’t get what you needed? We’ll make it right and maybe that’s a technical fix for a model, a refund, or store credit to exchange your model for something else.
Contact us through email (office @ rogami . ro) within 7 days of your purchase, and let us know what you need. We are not able to offer refunds or receive returns for digital items once the payment order is completed (generally after 7 days).

As a guideline, this is how we generally approach things:

A) We’ll help you you with anything we can if you are are encountering technical problems with your purchased designs. The .pdf files we provide are fully compliant with at least PDF 1.4 standard and should open and print without issues in all pdf viewers, for all major desktop software platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS and BSD variants). These files are not restricted by DRM (Digital Rights Management) and should work regardless of your internet conection (offline/online). In case you have a problem opening a purchased .pdf, please give us some technical details to understand your problem, at least: operating system version, pdf viewer type and version, printer model and number; if you can, also a screenshot of the offending error message will help us to understand your issue. In case we are not able to fix this for you, we can offer the same content, at the same resolution you purchased, in another format at your choice from the following list:

• Portable Network Graphics (.png file)
• Joint Photographic Expert Group (.jpg file)
• Tag Image File Format (.tif or .tiff file)
• Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter (.tga)
• Word document (.doc or .docx)
• Powerpoint (.ppt or .pptx)
• Writer document (.odt)
• Impress document (.odp)
The above list is not exhaustive, we can try to adapt to your needs, so tell us exactly what format you need.

B) We’ll help you to find a suitable replacement design for you, on our site.

C) We’ll grant a full refund:

1) If your purchase is broken (i.e. you cannot use it) or misrepresented; please document these issues as we need it to take the necessary steps to fix the technical issues and/or to do the financial steps to reverse the payment.
2) If you did not download your purchase from your account section.

D) We’ll give you store credit on our site:

1) If you accidentally purchase the wrong model (design) and downloaded it
2) If a model is not faulty but you realize it won’t work for your needs (check Terms and Conditions of use).

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to limit or decline refunds or give store credit for items that are not faulty or items that were purchased more than 7 days prior to the refund request.

This Return and Refund policy for digital goods follows the European Union guidelines for "Guarantees and returns",