Simple die (6cm)

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Paper model for making a simple dice (cube with a 6 cm edge)

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Height 6 cm ( ~ 2.36 inch)
Width 6 cm ( ~ 2.36 inch)
Depth 6 cm ( ~ 2.36 inch)
Pages 1 page
Difficulty * (easy)
Customizabile text No
Brand Rogami
Availability Yes (in stock, available for download)
Item type .pdf (Portable Document File)

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Simple die (dice) papermodel (cube, 6 cm). 

The final build model (after you print it, cut, fold and glue it) is a regular cube with edge length 6cm. It is a western common six-sided die, with an increasing number of dots (pips) on each facet (from one to six).

The model requires a single page. After printing, one can additionally color it before cutting and gluing. You can print several copies to make several identical looking dice (see the above pictures for examples). You can print it on regular A4 paper, but the model will be sturdier it you use a thicker cardstock (supported by your printer). In the sample pictures above the simulated texture is a vellum cardstock with a slight yellow tint. 

Building instructions: print it, cut the paper-model (continuous line), crease and fold guided by the dotted lines. Glue the gray flaps on the corresponding edges (marked with arrows or numbers) in the .pdf file.

DOWNLOAD (free model)

The free model is suitable for small-scale, low resolution printers (home and office printers; model resolutions: 96 dots per inch). The .pdf is ready to print in "portrait" orientation mode. 

This model is free for all personal, non-commercial uses; (c), all rights reserved 2021. 

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This model is free for all personal, non-commercial uses;
(c) 2021 Project Rogami Educational,, all rights reserved 2021.